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  • BS in Communication Arts, California Polytechnic University, Pomona, California


  • HMA Vs. Honeywell (2005)
  • Double Tulip Vs. Wells Fargo (2005)
  • Korea Supply Co. Vs. Loral/McDonnell Douglas (2005)
  • Kennimer Vs. Kia (2005)
  • Qinetiq V. Samsung (2004 Civil case)
  • Kim V. Honda Motors (2002 Civil case)
  • Asiana Air V. U.S. Cargo (2001 Civil case)
  • McLeod Vs. Kauffman/Hyundai (2001 Atlanta Case)
  • ETRI Vs. Qualcomm, Inc. (2000 San Diego Arbitration)
  • Future Tech Vs. Techmedia (Florida Federal Trial in 2000)
  • People Vs. Soon Ja Du (1991 Trial for Latasha Harlins Murder)
  • Rodney King Vs. LAPD, L.A. City (1994 Federal Trial)
  • Texas Instrument V. Daewoo, Hyundai (1994 Texas Case)
  • U.S. Vs. Rep. Jay Kim, et al (1995-96 Grand Jury Probe)
  • Kawasho V. Mitsubishi, Ssangyong (1996 Federal Case)
  • Saehan Bank V. Kookmin Bank (1997 Civil Case)
  • NEC V. Hyundai (1998 Federal Case)
  • Jinro Trading V. Fool's Valley, et al (1998 Arizona Trial)
  • Korean Air Crash at Agana, Guam (1999 Federal Case)
  • Vasquez Vs. Hyundai Motor Co. (1999 Texas case)
  • Ilshin Vs. InterLight Production (2000 Trial)
  • UCLA symposium between U.S. TV executives and entertainment CEOs from Korea in 2005
  • Paramount Studio executive business meeting with Korean representatives in 2004
  • Business meetings with Hyundai and Ford and Hyundai and GM in Detroit, Michigan in 2003
  • Paris Millennium Assembly for Herbalife International business in 2001
  • Korea's Taejon Expo '92 for Samsung and Ssangyong along with U.S. Landmark Entertainment.
  • Landmark voiceover presentation to Lotte Group for Korea's Lotte World theme park in 1994.
  • Korea Nat'l Tourism Org. "Rainbow Plan" investment meeting at Beverly Hills Country Club in 1999.
  • HBO Sports event meeting regarding boxing at Staples Center on July 28, 2001
  • U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom hearing at UCLA (2004)
  • Harvard University Conference on Japan's Annexation of Korea (2001)
  • Dosan Ahn Chang Ho (Korean independence patriot) Conference (2001)
  • Rotary International Conference (1995-98)
  • Herbalife International Conference (1988-01)
  • KOTRA Tech Expo '97 in Los Angeles (1997)
  • Congress of Orthodontists (1995)
  • International Gemological Symposium (1991)
  • Mayoral Conference for South L.A. Merchants (1991)
  • L.A. Junior Chamber of Commerce Century of the Pacific Symposium (1990)


  • Certified by the Judicial Council, State ID No. 300119 issued in 1988
  • Approved for federal and state courthouses


  • Past president of the Korean Professional Interpreters' Association (KPIA)
  • Past board member of California Federation of Interpreters (CFI-BACI)
  • Past adviser to UCLA Extension Interpretation Program


  • Furnished Upon Request


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